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    Comment bien calculer le poids de cétiol à mettre dans votre recette en fonction de votre besoin : [Poids de cétiol] = [X%] x [poids total de votre préparation] / 100. Par exemple si vous souhaitez mettre 1% de cétiol dans une préparation de 50 g, voici la formule à appliquer : Poids de cétiol = 1 x 50 / 100 = 0,5 g.

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  • Cetiol- Ultimate


    Cetiol® Ultimate The volatile hydrocarbon from renewable sources. Ultra-fast spreading: > 2 500 mm2/10 min; Patented technology, ultra …

  • Cetiol HE | Skin Benefits and Uses of Cetiol HE


    Cetiol HE benefits for skin. Cetiol HE is a coconut oil-based polymer that helps support the skin from drying when used in foaming, lathering skin care products. A gentle emollient, Cetiol HE is a luxurious ingredient that helps improve the hydrating properties of Xtend-Life’s Foaming Facial Cleanser.

  • Cetiol ® Ultimate – basf.com


    Cetiol® Ultimate Regarded as breakthrough innovation and was awarded with market prizes.

  • Cetiol® OE | DeWolf Chemical an Azelis Company


    Cetiol® OE is based on 100% natural feedstocks. It is a fast spreading emollient that is approved by both Ecocert and NPA. It gives the skin a light, silky feel and is ideal for innovative green formulations without silicones. Cetiol® OE is hydrolysis stable and suitable for formulations with a wide pH range.

  • Cetiol® Ultimate – BASF


    Cetiol® Ultimate Regarded as breakthrough innovation and was awarded with market prizes.

  • Cetiol® CC (Dicaprylyl Carbonate) by BASF | DeWolf …


    Description. Cetiol® CC (Dicaprylyl Carbonate) is an innovative, fast-spreading, dry emollient that can significantly improve the sensory performance of the final formulation. It has an ability to dissolve crystalline UV filters and to disperse pigments makes it particularly suitable for sun care products. Cetiol® CC is also …

  • CETIOL® A – BASF – datasheet


    11/5/2020 · CETIOL® A by BASF is a fast spreading emollient for W/O – formulations and water-free applications. CETIOL® A is used in baby & face cleansing, self-tanning and after-sun, body-, face- and color care products. Read More View less. download. Claims.

  • Cetiol- OE


    Cetiol® OE Flexible wax-dry emollient for skin and hair. Excellent hydrolytic stability, thus suitable for stable emulsions even under extreme pH conditions, such as self tanning products and depilatory creams